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 Important note for June and July Membership Meetings!

The Barnes Road bridge near the clubhouse is closed for repairs for approximately 6 weeks. To get to the clubhouse from Lansing, take the Kipp Road exit off of US 127 and turn left (East). Go to the second stop light which is Hull Road (Meijers is on the corner) and turn right (South). Take Hull Road to Barnes Road. Turn left on Barnes to get to the clubhouse. If you are coming the back way from the west, you can take Columbia Road east to Edgar Road or College Road, turn right (South) and take it to Kipp Road. Turn left (East) on Kipp Road and take it to Hull Road. If you come across on Barnes Road from the west, the detour takes you up to Kipp Road, then back to Barnes on Hull Road.



 Introducing three new sponsors, Big John's Steak & Onion, Kwik Car Wash and Muffler Man.  Check the "sponsorship page" for their location and services then be sure to patronize them. 


For some photos of a couple hundred million dollars (maybe more) worth of cars at a couple of interesting garage tour/open house events attended by another Lansing area car club at two premier Michigan car collections please visit:


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